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logo2.gif (2849 bytes) specializes in the procurement and importation of items made to an OEM customer's particular engineering specifications and requirements.  Our expertise lies in the sourcing of top quality parts and products from reputable mills and factories in primary global markets at prices that generally represent substantial cost savings to our customers.

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Customs Clearance at various West Coast Ports of Entry, marine and intermodal cargo insurance, ocean, rail and truck transportation are all included in our door-to-door service.  In some instances, warehousing services can also be provided. ooclunload.jpg (75962 bytes)
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chinatrain.jpg (38349 bytes) logo.gif (4078 bytes) welcomes the opportunity to quote on your large volume specialty item requirements and show you the savings you can realize by developing a purchasing program with us.

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P.O. Box 2170
Oregon City, Oregon 97045

phone: (503) 656 5600
Fax: (503) 656 5604

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